About The Owners

Dave & Pam Worsham

Dave and Pam Worsham, owners and managers of Kadillac Kennels.

Our Mission

 The mission of Kadillac Kennels is to provide each pet the same love, attention, and care that they receive at home, from the moment they arrive at the facility until they leave. Kadillac Kennels’ philosophy is for pets to have fun while being safe. Our values are to responsibly care for each pet as if they were our own and to offer peace and security to the pet owner. Kadillac Kennels envisions a clean, vibrant, fun facility where no anxiety is felt during the stay by either the pet or the pet owner. We want our customers to be repeat customers who feel as if they just left their pet babies at Grandma’s house. 

Our Objective

 Kadillac Kennels is offering quality daycare, boarding, and grooming for all dogs. Our objective is to provide a safe and fun environment for the babies left in our care, minimizing anxiety for both the pet and the pet owner. We want Kadillac Kennels to be the premier pet boarding facility in the area --- a place where pets feel as if they are at Grandma’s house.