Meet the owners!

Dave & Pam Worsham

We have been in Murphy since 2014, when we found our land and fell in love with the area. We moved from Texas, where we had vast experience in ranching and dealing with animals of all varieties. When we moved to Murphy, with four of our own fur babies, we quickly realized the need for a top-notch, stress-free boarding facility. 

Today, we are proud to be the owners of Kadillac Kennels, the premier pet boarding, daycare, and grooming facility in the tri-state area – a place where pets feel as if they are at Grandma’s house!

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

 The mission of Kadillac Kennels is to provide each pet the same love, attention, and care that they receive at home, from the moment they arrive at the facility until they leave. 

Our values are to responsibly care for each pet as if they were our own and to offer peace and security to the pet owner. 

Kadillac Kennels envisions a clean, vibrant, fun facility where no anxiety is felt during the stay by either the pet or the pet owner. We want our visitors to feel as if they are staying at Grandma’s house. 

Our Groomer!

Julia Golden

 Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, Julia moved to the Murphy area several years ago. As an avid animal lover since childhood, Julia’s grooming career begin long ago with her show horses. 

After moving to Murphy, Julia had the opportunity to train under a master dog groomer for four years. During that time, she honed her grooming skills and implemented them to the smaller four-legged family members. Now, having over 10 years of experience with dogs and cats, Julia’s skills have super-ceded many in her profession. If you love something, you will excel at it, and Julia's love for her furry clients shows in the work she performs.

Kadillac Kennels is proud to have Julia Golden as their onsite Groomer.